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Out of the clouds and into the classroom with an introduction ontrends and methods used to enjoy cannabis our favorite ways!

Puffin and passin… so many choices, but which way to spark up? This passage will be detailing different products to help you take your experience to the level you desire. With all the diversity in glass available and how far we’ve come with vape tech, we can explore more options when it comes time to enjoying your favorite cannabis products! For some, rolling up a joint is more than good enough, but even the type of paper you are using can affect the flavor and burn. Let’s take a look at a few consumption methods and how they are best enjoyed.


A timeless classic. The ever-growing popularity and awareness of hemp-based unbleached papers and blunt wraps has built a standard in the market, no doubt. That doesn’t mean that regular bleached rolling papers will ruin your smoke. Connoisseurs and enjoyers alike seem to notice a difference in flavor when rolling unbleached hemp papers, keeping the entire burn relevant to the material. Terpenes and the natural smoothness of well cured bud will certainly take center stage when burning in a clean wrap.


We’ve all been there with a case of what I call Glass Fever..! You see a pipe you like, and you just GOT to have it!! But what are we really looking at here? How will it smoke? Will it clog easily and is it easy to clean? These are just a few questions I ask myself when I really get the heart eyes for a piece. At close examination is always recommended when buying glass. Check for small cracks and chips, but most importantly look for “smokeability”. One trait that is a sure sign of how smooth it will hit is the size of the hole in the pipe through which the smoke pulls. In my experience avoiding holes that are too small may reduce clogging. 


The bong or what we were forced to refer to as a “water pipe” for so many years has been a great way to enjoy cannabis and hash. But, before you go and buy a bong based on size, consider the following: 

Although giant bongs give you giant clouds, we are all at the mercy of our lung size. It’s always best to buy a bong that you can clear with one hit. Although a larger bong provides a larger hit, it is a myth that you will get higher.

*A good trick to cooling smoke down in a larger bong is to placeice cubes in the shaft.*

*It’s not advised to place your bong in the freezer but a quick halfhour in the fridge can have the same effect. Leave the bowl outbecause applying a flame to cold glass will make it snap..!*

Saxophones! If you want to play a different tune but keep the water involved this might be the one for you. The saxophone takes the shape of exactly that: a vertical pipe with a small vessel for water at the bottom. They are also usually accompanied by a carburetor to clear the smoke. Smaller water pipes such as these offer a smooth hit while reduced in size which is perfect for a personal smoke, or passing in a small group.

The Stündenglass Gravity Bong/Hookah offers a unique and exceptional design, with a rotating glass chamber that allows for a personalized smoking experience. The technologic marvel is crafted from high-quality materials, including borosilicate glass, aircraft-grade anodized stainless steel, and Teflon seals, ensuring durability and easy cleaning which make it worth the price. 



The vape cartridge has come a long way since it’s issues with silica gel coils and jamming up. Lately the market standard has been ceramic coils, glass tanks and USB rechargeable batteries. The portability and accessibility have never been more convenient. Brands like AiroPro and Vuber have been making their mark for not only working with great extracts but also having great hardware. The industry has adjusted mechanisms that let thick mediums like distillate, live resin, and other extracts vaporize properly. Many pens now feature inhale activation which require no buttons to be pressed while taking the hit. Heavy hitters and less techy stoners alike really enjoy inhale activation vaporizers as well as temperature control which are crucial in making sure the extract is vaporized and not burnt away. A perfect way to keep it simple and flavorful!


Probably one of the most debated forms of consumption, the dabrig takes many shapes and sizes! Consumers of dabs/distillate/live rosin and other extracts find themselves with many options when it comes to lighting up the rig! But let’s talk temperature!

Cold Start:

Lighting a cold start is when you place your extract into the chamber before heating it. This way of starting from cold allows the many terpenes and cannabinoids to vaporize at their appropriate temperatures. Personally, I find this method to be easiest on the lungs and allows the flavor and potency to really pop!

PreheatedandTemp controlled:


As well as portable vape tech, the innovation in dab rigs have taken us in a more electronic direction as well. The Zenco Duo performs excellently – it’s user-friendly, and the glass quickly fills with vapor, allowing you to indulge in your cannabis experience within seconds by drinking your smoke! Not only does it boast an appealing design and sturdy construction, but it also offers top-notch functionality, ensuring you can enjoy a variety of cannabis products to their fullest potential. With just a few vapor cups, you’ll find yourself feeling the effects in no time. Other brands alsooffer similar products, and, with many E-Rigs to choose from there’s always one that fits your best interests!

With traditional dab rigs, experienced dabbers apply the flame, using a small blowtorch, to the rig for their own desired temperature. It’s important to remember the few seconds it takes to heat the rig so as to not burn the extract when you apply it. Burnt extract results in a terrible flavored hit that is harsh and can leave you choking! Yuck! The stigma of “always choking” comes from a few issues, but now that clean and legal products are available, it’s pretty much a matter of temperature.

When taking dabs, knowing your preference in temperature can change your whole experience. You can always start with a low temp dab and you’ll still get high!


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