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During one of Dank Poet Dispensary’s initial setup days, our first shipment of cannabis products arrived at the store. I recall being summoned to the backroom to transfer the products to the secure vault. Without warning, dozens of bags were placed into my arms, and I embraced them tightly, reminiscent of winning the grand prize teddy bear at the local carnival. The intoxicating earthy scent overwhelmed my senses as I realized one of the greatest perks of working at a dispensary: access to a room lined wall-to-wall with weed – it felt like a child in a candy store! While the public may never have the opportunity to experience such a splendid paradise inside our vault, I believe everyone deserves to indulge in such captivating aromatherapy. Some may assume that stoners lack self-control, yet I counter that argument by asserting that we, as muses (budtenders), require immense willpower to resist the allure of these enticing products and refrain from consuming them all ourselves!

Another remarkable aspect of the position, and perhaps the most genuine reason for my enjoyment there, was the opportunity to bond with my co-workers. During that initial week, confined together in the cool, crowded vault, I had the chance to acquaint myself with my new colleagues and their unique quirks: the games they played, the relationships they shared, the topics they found amusing, and of course, their preferred buds to indulge in. In that dusty backroom, packed tightly like sardines in a paradise of cannabis, carts, and concentrates, I happily formed connections with my new buds!

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We’re proud to open a recreational adult-use cannabis retail boutique in Washington, New Jersey. Our store stands at the intersection of cannabis, arts, and education.

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