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It’s hard to pick my favorite part of my job as a Muse (Budtender) at Dank Poet Dispensary, since there are so many cool parts of the cannabis industry and more specifically this job. Sure, the rules and regulations were a little daunting at first, but frankly it’s easy enough to not screw it up.

My co-workers are some of my favorites at any job yet, and not just the one that I was already friends with. The team really does feel like a wild, silly, goofy family which makes the store’s vibes immaculate. The music is great, the people are knowledgeable and helpful, the bud is plentiful, and the prices are good – who could complain about a job like that?

On top of all these great perks, I also get to help others, which is the reason I have remained in the retail/customer facing environment for the last 10 years. I enjoy helping people learn about a topic we all love [cannabis] and finding them a particular product that is better for them than what they are used to. I’ve had an Author (Customer) come in thinking they wanted a sativa strain because that is what they have always smoked. As they talked about their anxiety attacks and racing types of feelings in general (a topic we were able to find common ground over) I suggested a different type of product, and by the time that Author and I were done, they were looking forward to trying one of my favorite strains of flower hoping to reduce some of their anxiety and still get the nice relaxation they came in for. This type of satisfaction in a job well done is something that I can appreciate every day.

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We’re proud to open a recreational adult-use cannabis retail boutique in Washington, New Jersey. Our store stands at the intersection of cannabis, arts, and education.

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