Matt’s Musing


In Over My Head (And Loving Every Second of it)!

By Matt Ladlee

It’s 2005, and I am twenty years old, about to experience cannabis for the first time. My older brother, a seasoned user, packs my first bowl. I take a hit and cough uncontrollably; tears stream down my face, and the taste resembles chewing hay. Despite this, I don’t feel any different… initially. Twenty minutes later, my feet feel like they weigh fifty pounds, and I start giggling at nothing. I realize I’m high, and I love it!

Fast forward to 2023. While I wouldn’t have labeled myself a heavy smoker, I did indulge daily. My knowledge of cannabis extended only to the distinction between indica and sativa. I had two primary concerns: potency and quality (stem and seed content). Seeking employment, I stumbled upon a job listing for a muse (budtender) at a new dispensary in my hometown – enter Dank Poet Dispensary!

Despite my limited cannabis knowledge, I decided to apply. To prepare for the interview, I began studying. It was an enlightening experience! The wealth of information available about this miraculous plant felt overwhelming, from cannabinoids and flavonoids to THC and terpenes. I felt in over my head in the best possible way! The opportunity to launch a career in cannabis, a product I genuinely enjoy, and to get paid to expand my knowledge seemed like a dream come true – and it is!

I’m thrilled to deepen my understanding of cannabis and its benefits and to grow alongside Dank Poet Dispensary. Helping members of my community enhance their lives with cannabis is an added bonus, one I never imagined experiencing in this capacity. I look forward to getting to know our Authors (customers) better and assisting them on their cannabis journeys, whether addressing specific issues or simply enhancing their high.

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Hi There!

We’re proud to open a recreational adult-use cannabis retail boutique in Washington, New Jersey. Our store stands at the intersection of cannabis, arts, and education.

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