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No Ordinary Breed of Cannabis Magazine
No Ordinary Collaboration

Fat Nugs Magazine is the product of a lifelong love affair with cannabis from a perspective of providing wellness, educational opportunities, and fun, while also allowing for relationships and communities to be grown from its cultivation, distribution, and consumption.

Founder and Editor-at-Large, Dustin Hoxworth is the creative mind behind the publication. With twenty-two family members either active military or veterans, cannabis has always been something that was regularly consumed to help with PTSD, and completely normalized from the earliest moments of Dustin’s childhood. He also grew up with an indigenous stepfather for nine years who was a daily consumer and had an obvious positive impact on Dustin’s outlook on cannabis.

Dustin’s personal relationship with cannabis for over 40 years has resulted in one of the most unique and interesting-niche cannabis publications to have ever been created. You can see influences from publications like Thrasher Magazine, MAD Magazine and even early days of Rolling Stone, Playboy and High Times from late 80’s and early 90’s. Fat Nugs Magazine does an outstanding job at bringing cannabis to life using influences and nostalgia to show a positive, uplifting, and helpful side of the community and culture that surrounds the plant.

Known as a global perspective of cannabis stoner culture as a bridge to the rest of the world, you’ll find science and education done in a way that allows the reader a connection to cannabis on a personal level. The ICP (independent cannabis publication and media company) has one goal: To Uplift The Plant Into Its Rightful Place In Society. All done by supporting mom and pop, equity, legacy, veteran, and women owned cannabis businesses and voices through storytelling, authentic journalism, and badass art.

Even though the publication has only officially been around for two years, you can see that they’ve very quickly become the eyes and ears of the community and culture side - the backbone side of the cannabis industry because of that fiercely independent and authentic nature of their entire team, not to mention the quality of their content.

The newest partnership between Dank Poet Dispensary and FNM is the first of its kind outside of California, and another great example of two brands working together to build an industry that welcomes us all by reducing the stigma through normalization at every level.

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We’re proud to open a recreational adult-use cannabis retail boutique in Washington, New Jersey. Our store stands at the intersection of cannabis, arts, and education.

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