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I live in a (somewhat upscale) high rise apartment building.  The residents are mostly younger than me – I’d say like younger millennials and some Gen Z kids who share apartments.  Recently, I have begun to smell the neighbors smoking pot – and the smell is coming into my apartment.  Now, I’m not a prude and I don’t care that they are smoking, but I don’t think I should have to live in an apartment that reeks of weed.  I don’t want to have to report them to management, but I am reaching my limits.   What should I do?


Smoked Out

Dear Smoked,

One word:  incense.  Ok, two words:  Incense and/or communication.

Word one:  If you don’t want to confront your neighbors, and are willing to spend a few bucks (which, it sounds like you can afford in that “somewhat upscale” high rise), I suggest you find and purchase a pleasing-to-you incense, then tape said incense to their door with a little note (full of lighthearted emojis) that the whole building doesn’t want to smell like a van with 8 stoners and no windows.

I might also suggest one of those scented air diffuser contraptions I see on Amazon that I keep looking at but not buying.*  But then again, I might not suggest one, because I keep looking at them but not buying one so I don’t know if they’re suggestable.

Word two:  Remember when people used to talk to each other?  How about – just maybe – you communicate with your neighbors.? Now, I know that can be scary, but come one, they are millennials and Gen Z people – much less mean and grumpy than Gen X’ers and Boomers (who will preach on high that they have no fucks left to give).  Maybe gently knock on their door, introduce yourself and, in kind tones, tell them that they’re stinkin’ up your space.  If you’re willing to spend another fiver, buy them a lovely little bottle of Ozium* (that’s what we used in my day) or some other smoke eating product.  For under $10 you might be able to stop the stench and meet actual people who live within a thousand feet of you.

Now, I wouldn’t mention management to them – there’s no need to get the authorities involved here. I’d like to believe that if they see there is a human being affected by their behavior, that they will step up and start smoking out the window like we did when we were young.

Finally, if none of that works, you can narc on them or learn to live with it.  You really do get used to the fragrance of erb after a while.

*The foregoing is not a paid advertisement for Ozium or those scented air diffuser contraptions I see on Amazon that I keep looking at but not buying.

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