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My in laws found out that I smoke flower.  Even though I have a medical card for anxiety and it’s legal in my state, they are treating me like a hardcore drug addict and not letting me in their house.  I don’t think they will listen to rationality but they won’t talk to me so I can’t even try. 

They are on a campaign to fill my husband’s head with nonsense, and he is very stressed about being in the middle.

Please help.  Signed,

Can I Outlaw My Inlaws

Dear “Can I…”

1. First of all:  how they find out?  Sounds to me like the only answer is the a-holes be snooping in your house.

2.  They be stupid. 

3.  Your husband can step the fuck out of the middle by stepping onto your side.  You – not his ignorant, closed-minded, judgmental relatives –  are his first priority.  They sound as toxic as eating mercury.  I think they’re getting off on the drama – they’ll be even happier in their misery when your husband chooses you and walks away from them.  They will delight in the gnashing of their teeth in disapproval when their campaign fails!  Consider it a public service to them and walk away.   

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